Four website preparatory work before

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calls the CMS function.

for many webmaster, site construction is the foundation for the promotion of the website optimization, website platform to build on, we need to step by step to complete the construction site, only to build a good website, related work to start on the website optimization and promotion. Many of my friends would ask, I did not make a web site do? Whether the website optimization and promotion of learning some basic language, what are the common language? So with these questions, now to my site "cover." for example, on site construction preparation work.

when we were in production site, in fact, we need to design the page is about 3~6. When the page is done, we have to learn to use function call CMS, on my site covered days. For example, it is used from the DEDECMS system, we can help to understand the site of the entrance of various types of website CMS code is what? After the call, static the page generated in the background, you can display the call effect. For some special systems but without effect or function, can find the relevant two developers pay changes, generally after modification and improvement, the background does not appear problems.


The establishment of the

a lot of friends, not necessarily the programming language, but does not need to feel discouraged, now available online many excellent CMS program, are free for the owners to provide background support functions, characteristics of the CMS is to optimize the site work, including adding label background, generating random generation, static page label and these functions are based on search engine optimization and existence. We don’t need to be proficient in this program language, the backstage function is perfect, the required functions are basic, no additional development. The show is on the CMS function calls, this should be it is not difficult to learn, now more humane CMS have made full preparations. We’re going to do is to learn the basic HTML tags, have to change the CSS style to make the front page. I personally do not advocate to Taobao to buy website template, the template can buy online there are many such as like as two peas online website, and the website HTML layout is not conducive to the repetitive search engine optimization, even if the website can do up to flow to a certain time can not break, I have been verified by experiments. HTML label learning is very simple, but also conducive to the preparation of div+css layout problems after repair, or add ad code in website content. Only in the understanding of template location and HTML layout, to the website familiar problems will not be afraid. I do stand at that time, is the imitation of someone else’s website, the architecture style changes, based on others website style on the revision. Let the site become the one and only.

1, learn the basic HTML syntax, and write CSS style.

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