Keywords using thesaurus editor Architecture sales extrapolation

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1, guide site personnel structure of the site within the chain

site is most of the time with the Shanghai dragon website, this is also a lot of Shanghai dragon received a new website will examine the website structure, two aspects, one is to see whether each page can be found at the entrance to the 2-3 for the user clicks, it would be more friendly, another is for the search engines have to grab more new links enough entrance, can fully make website content to be included. This requires the establishment of staff has certain Shanghai Longfeng foundation, have a good understanding of the site within the chain structure, which is similar to the random call for the base, top recommended, recommended content section of the page, which are required to construct the thesaurus based on relatively high correlation ".

page navigation, to the search engine grab is displayed all the navigation page, this point is important in a large number of contents of the columns, such as adding some common user search navigation in such a page, category navigation similar to the 58 and go to the market, it can be the page layout to column page keywords, some keywords can also be the list > effective polymerization

front reading night rate keyword thesaurus maintenance articles, from his own point of view, from a more fundamental point of view is to introduce the keyword database to build four steps: collect + filter + test + classification, in fact, these are just some skills, before the establishment of the keywords used properly, most of my friends were to do well this work involves the implementation of the powerful, and so do the keywords thesaurus, and persistent optimization keyword thesaurus, will help us find keywords high conversion, can help us outside of the internal site optimization promotion of auxiliary guidance, more of course, these are all in the actual operation process of practice in order to find the specific experience.

thesaurus is set up, if not used, not through this work to improve our website of Shanghai Longfeng effect, to improve website rankings and flow, so the work done is white, and make good use of the keyword thesaurus, can help us to do many important tasks, such as: Shanghai dragon content editor and within the chain structure, a problem is that I want to talk to you today to explore: how to use keyword thesaurus.

if you consider a few more details on the site, the home page and column page also very carefully, it is especially easy to overlook the column page, many of my friends did not take the initiative to get the rankings here if can make full use of thesaurus to the page layout, will be more likely to highlight the advantages, such as not the list of the simple model of the traditional, instead of using independent templates, make page layout similar to the home page, column page layout optimization keywords need to strengthen the independence of the column, there is a good case before the Robin square dance case, we can carefully check.

There is a relationship between the

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