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, I used a few years ago the effect is very good, recently the application effect is good, but a few days from the start, generally ranking drop, such as www.hrbzskj贵族宝贝, this station is the latest to do, the ranking is very good, the key software development, such as Harbin, is just on the line first, but do not know why these days the decline in ranking is very fast and very unstable, and this is not a relationship.

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Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been to the customer to do the optimization, some feel before, it seems a bit outdated, not out of date you help me see it, I was cheating in the title and keywords in the description, also is the key word anchor text, and not natural and some key words, do not know is not considered cheating.

< > This arrangement of

said that under the first title, there, I usually put a list of titles, such as the title of this writing.

do not know this is not cheating, also is the first title keyword list, without a word, and a look that is ready to search engine, in the key words above, I just put the title bar into a comma, I describe generally by the company + service projects or focus, main + keywords separated by commas + in the form of telephone, and obviously is listed, it is not good, but also to search engine ready, do not know if this is not cheating me.

second is made to search engine keywords, such as a stand for me, I’ll give you cut a figure.

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