Niu Wenwen domestic entrepreneurs should be good at using the power around themDocCash upload docume

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"there are a number of entrepreneurs recently, and some entrepreneurs are in conflict with investors. I think we still don’t understand the rules of the game of capital. There are so many service organizations that actually add strength to you, and they also give you some restrictions. These institutions are like crutches. They can help you if you use them properly. They can cause you great trouble if you use them badly. "So I also hope that when I am strong, I should be good at understanding and studying the service organizations around you," Niu Wenwen said.

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Niu Wenwen also suggestions to help entrepreneurs to be able to truly institutional entrepreneurs to provide services and help, "today everyone in this chain, the environment itself is very difficult, not between entrepreneurship and investment have too many disputes and conflicts, and hope that we can work together to enhance mutual understanding and promote entrepreneurship". finished


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Niu Wenwen believes that at this stage there have been China entrepreneurial services, including all services for entrepreneurs in the form of industry formats, such as VC, angel investors, Venture Park, schools, training institutions, business incubators, pay attention to the media, this is five years ago Chinese market do not have. Therefore, when the economic capital into the winter, entrepreneurs should make better use of these forces.


July 13th news intern reporter Yu Weiwei sponsored by the "entrepreneurs" magazine competition the dark horse in the summer, "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen said that the economic winter is the entrepreneur in the spring, the Chinese market has been the emergence of entrepreneurial services, so entrepreneurs should make good use of side force.

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