Little English station 30 knives into the dayThe scenery or the down and out 5 have been optimistic

some companies were destined to succeed, some enterprise is doomed to be destroyed. Business success depends on whether the factors too much, not one or two words can say, here to introduce 5 readers have unlimited scenery of business enterprises, of which there are several has made no small achievement, but some enterprises seem soon to decline……



1 do English station, I use COM domain name, foreign space, since want to make money, the most basic investment is not province.

friends should know the words of wow gold, is a very valuable words, you go to shlf1314 search, found the first page of the wow gold station are many of our people do, it is the expert ah, then you check outside the chain, they ha, the results came out, they are all in the message board. In the forum, do a lot of the chain blog, the fierce competition this term, he did the chain can do the first page, you will follow his.

Shopkick, stronger than before. So far Shopkick has 15 chain stores and signed a partnership, such as best buy, Macy’s and Target, the number of users reached 3 million 700 thousand.

5 with a locomotive for collection, I spent money to find people to write a collection process, and then use a plug-in, the article all made pseudo original.

Turntable monthly active users fell from 13 in November 2011 to 80 thousand in September this year in the way people. The Turntable team have also released iOS and Android applications, but there is not much user. The founder of, also began to switch to other enterprises downhearted.


4, I collected Yahoo answer data, we all know that sh419 knows the content is great, Yahoo answer in foreign countries, equivalent to sh419 know, so cattle, not much to say, we can imagine.


Two years after

in the past 9 months, the Shopkick team developed a new application, it will be the next generation of Shopkick, said: "Shopkick will cooperate with more stores, so that consumers enjoy more excellent experience, get more preferential."

many friends have good ideas, but why didn’t they succeed? It’s probably because they haven’t been able to stick to it or throw away the simplest and easiest to do. Or lack of executive power, think too good, but also can do it, but execution is not going. I am very strict with myself, I must do it well. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it.

2 to determine the site, the program is WordPress, because I do not technology, will only be simple to build, and the WordPress program can fully meet my requirements, but also very good optimization.


3 to determine the theme of the site, I do is stand in the foreign insurance, because almost everyone to buy insurance, buy insurance consciousness is very strong, and that is, what the website that high price? What industry competition is more powerful, the industry price high.


in 2010, Shopkick released iPhone applications, is considered to be the "revolutionary" sign in the application, consumers only need to use for many days Shopkick sign in the store, you can get businesses to provide discounts, but also through the shopping points for free gift.

video chat application Airtime co-founder Sean Parker and S> as


6 everyone knows, do shlf1314 rankings, the important two points are original content, plus a lot of the chain. Ok, my content has become pseudo original, satisfied a. The two, how can I solve it? I bought some about pr3—pr5 connection, good effect, then I also created a large number of English blog, I wrote a total of more than 30 high quality soft article, more than 1 months, the effect of play. For the domestic webmaster, English is not very good seeking truth from facts, don’t scold me, that how to solve the chain that

said GG is not good, regular GG more difficult, in fact! I put my GG experience to talk to you, I hope all of you some inspiration! Do GG, I do not cheat, formal, and never thought about cheating, I have a full-time job, I do stand belong to the amateur, but I want to go on long-term development, want to put the webmaster as my avocation can grow, the future can do full-time webmaster, I am willing to.

users can set their own cartoon image in, and then into the virtual DJ music room to listen to music, to find the song, this is the most attractive place But after a few months is no longer fresh, is no longer so appealing. in 2011 on the line, the social music site quickly became popular, and was known as the best music business title, monthly active users reached 140 thousand, $7 million 500 thousand, $37 million 500 thousand.