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glory belongs to those who really stand up to the arena, his face was covered with dust and sweat, although failed again and again, but still tenacious struggle, because the world does not exist without failures and defects of achievement.

started late and the environment was cold. In the face of such pioneering Road, it is important to maintain a good state of mind and a calm pace. "Entrepreneurial team in the capital tightening environment, should focus and focus, rather than blindly pursue the scale and speed."." Zhou navigation reads like this.

" is twice as many as we originally thought." The staff here told the "First Financial Daily", which reflects the current entrepreneurial sentiment in china.

Zhou is divided into second teams, the captain is founder of Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong. As a result of the initial rules of the game, the team is the last third to leave, far behind the team to go first.

"business depends on the weather?" Yi Zhou, founder of the car, answered softly. This is the opening ceremony of the annual dark horse race. And unlike in previous years, this year the organizers chose 10 km barrier walk way, so that entrepreneurs experience the entrepreneurial process. There are nearly 100 entrepreneurs on the scene.

mentality of latecomer

one afternoon in the early spring, the temperature at the Olympic Park in Beijing was 3 degrees below zero. The air began to fall with scattered snowflakes. The unusually cold spell, just let people off under the winter unexpected. "Cold!" the crowd began to complain.

"we want to be a long-distance runner, not a pacemaker."." Zhou smiled and encouraged his teammates. Any entrepreneur knows that under such conditions, motivation is far more powerful than complaining.


10 kilometers of entrepreneurial road, everyone’s mood is not the same. For Zhou hang, the previous sentiment may represent his mood at the moment: "yes, you believe the crows are black."

Web 2 era of " God "

there are also more and more consumers began to use the Internet to exercise the power of God is " ". That is to say, the Internet communication form, not only is a one-way, two-way pipeline, and marketing changes that will bring what kind of impact will be brand businesses, as well as the public to be of major concern.

The most obvious is the fact that

, now, when consumers encounter unsatisfactory problems have been solved properly, they do not need to have a long pipeline through the complaint, they will put their experience in writing or even photographs, movies, on the Internet, through a similar mouth spread out, let the businesses become very passive.

if the text on the internet widely spread, business brand will be permanent damage. In addition to the information exchange between customers and businesses, at the same time, the customer will also consult other customers as a reference when making purchase decisions. Often the views of a few people, but for businesses have a profound impact.

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

as Andrew · Ross · Sorkin said that when a strong fall or a doer was not perfect, only in the side of the backseat driver wasn’t what critics. The glory belongs to the real station to the man in the arena, his face was covered with dust and sweat, although failed again and again, but still tenacious struggle, because the world does not exist without failures and defects of achievement.

in fact, this situation coincides with reality. Easy to car was founded in 2010, at that time, China car rental market started soon, but there have been China auto rental, a car rental hi forerunner. In addition, easy to car business when the global economic winter.

Liu Qiangdong did not appear anxious expression, but the foot can not help but step up the pace. Enough to see that this is a steady leader.

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